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MTL5523 (the replacement of MTL5023)

MTL5523 (the replacement of MTL5023)

MTL5523 (the replacement of MTL5023)

Product Details:

Place of Origin: England
Brand Name: MTL
Certification: CE
Model Number: MTL5523

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 10 pcs
Delivery Time: about 3 weeks
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 500 pcs
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Detailed Product Description

MTL5500 replacement in existing installations

The MTL5500 is designed with the same 16mm case width and similar profile to the MTL5000 series. This permits the replacement of an MTL5000 module with the new equivalent in the MTL5500 range. In most instances the cable connection to the field terminals are identical so the module can simply be replaced and the terminals reconnected in a matter of seconds. The power supply plugs are also compatible on both ranges.

MTL5000 Function MTL5500 Notes
MTL5011B 1ch, changeover relay output MTL5511  
MTL5012 1ch, solid-state output   Use 1ch of MTL5513
MTL5012S 1ch, solid-state output, UE1 special   No replacement
MTL5014 1ch, c/o relay output, LFD relay MTL5514/14D MTL5514 does not provide 1in 2out
function. MTL5514D with 1in 2out
available Q1 2014
MTL5015 2ch, solid-state output MTL5513 Common connection on haz side,
max frequency response 500Hz
MTL5016 2ch, n/o relay output MTL5516C  
MTL5017 2ch, n/o relay output, LFD relay MTL5517 LFD relay energises on alarm
MTL5018 2ch, changeover relay output MTL5516C Common connection on haz side
MTL5018ac 2ch, changeover relay output, ac power   Continues as MTL5018ac.
Alternative option: MTL5516C fitted
with MPA5500 ac adaptor
MTL5021 Loop powered, IIC, (12.85V, 45mA, cl 45mA) MTL5521 (12.8V, 48mA, cl 48mA)
MTL5022 Loop powered, IIB, (12.9V, 60mA, cl 60mA) MTL5522 (9.9V, 70mA, cl 70mA)
MTL5023 Logic ctrl, lfd, phase,(12.85V, 45mA, cl 45mA) MTL5523 (12.8V, 48mA, cl 48mA)
MTL5024 Logic ctrl, phase, (12.85V, 45mA, cl 45mA) MTL5524 (12.8V, 48mA, cl 48mA)
MTL5025 Loop powered, IIC, (8.6V, 45mA, cl 45mA) MTL5525 (7V, 48mA, cl 48mA), lower Io
MTL5031 Vibration transducer interface MTL5531 Now Velomitor compatible
MTL5032 Pulse isolator MTL5532 Now with 4-20mA output and alarm
MTL5040 Loop isolator   Use MTL5541 and MTL5546Y
MTL5041 For 2-wire transmitters MTL5541  
MTL5042 For 2- or 3-wire txs, smart MTL5541  
MTL5043 Dual output for 2-wire smart txs MTL5544D No current sink o/p. Passive Tx input
MTL5044 Two channel for 2-wire txs MTL5544 Now with passive Tx inputs
MTL5045 Isolating driver MTL5546Y Smart only versions
MTL5046 Smart isolating driver with LFD MTL5546  
MTL5049 Two channel isolating driver MTL5549Y Smart only versions
MTL5051 Serial-data comms isolator   Continues as MTL5051 model
MTL5053 Fieldbus isolator/power supply   Discontinued
MTL5061 Fire/smoke detector interface MTL5561  
MTL5073 Temperature converter MTL5575 Now with trip alarm
MTL5074 Temperature converter MTL5575 Now with trip alarm
MTL5081 mV/THC isolator MTL5581  
MTL5082 Resistance isolator MTL5582  
MTL5113P Failsafe sw/prox interface MTL5501-SR  
MTL5314 Trip amplifier   Continues as MTL5314 model
MTL5344 Repeater power supply   Discontinued
MTL5349 Isolating driver   Discontinued
MTL5991 24V power supply   Continues as MTL5991 model
MTL5995 Fieldbus power supply   Convert to F10X range product


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